Earn Energy Credits from your Green Project with Energhx GreenClick

Why should you be penalized for investing in a renewable energy project at your home or business just because you’re a low-volume consumer of electricity and/or natural gas?  Energhx says that’s wrong!   You’re making the effort to reduce your energy consumption and thus your carbon footprint, and save money on energy costs, but the Feed-In-Tariff programs could make your energy bill susceptible to the fluctuations in the market price of electricity and natural gas.

Energhx is leveling the playing field with its Green Energy Credit™ supply service system. The people at Energhx have developed it specifically to help low-volume consumers, who seriously want to install a solar or wind project at their location, from the burden of paying an additional monthly charge in perpetuity.

Energhx Green Energy Credit™ supply service obtains IGEO power credits based on the power our green energy sources generate that then qualify for Feed-In-Tariffs.  You can purchase any amount of IGEO power credits to offset this additional charge on your electricity or natural gas accounts.

Now, with the help of Energhx, you can make an investment in an onsite renewable power project that delivers a nice ROI quicker as you also save money.  With the unique benefits of Energhx Green Energy Credit supply service, your choice is simple and clear…going green is doable.

  • Receive credit each month for as many as 20 years.
  • Choose your participation level.
  • Green Energy Credit is tied to a customer-accessible renewable power project.
  • No financial risk to you for supporting green energy projects.
  • You’re showing your support for a sustainable local grid and clean environment.


The people at Energhx will show you how much Green Energy Credit you can earn based on the specifics of your renewable energy project and IGEOpower credits you purchase.  For example, 5 units of IGEOpower credit applied to a roof-mounted solar project receive 3.81 cents per kWh of green power generation.

Energhx understands that making green energy practical for the private residence, small to medium-sized business or the large industrial facility requires a comprehensive system to deliver green energy’s value…and the Energhx Green Energy Credit supply service does just that.

Click on the links below to learn more about how Energhx Green Energy Credit will benefit you.  Then contact us today for complete services to develop, install and manage your renewable energy project and maximize the money you’ll save by making your contribution to the green revolution.