Demand Side Monitoring

Take Total Control of your Business’ Energy Use and Costs with Energhx Demand Side Monitoring


People, capital and energy power your business.  You rely on management to monitor the performance of your people and your financial experts to monitor your use of capital.  Now, you can rely on Energhx Demand Side Monitoring to help you use your energy more efficiently and effectively, and at the lowest cost.

With Energhx DSM, you have the right partner to guide you through the deregulation of the energy market and receive the benefits it supposedly promised.  Although your business probably consumes more electricity and natural gas than the average Energhx residential customer, you’re still considered a low-volume energy user.  As such, you’ve been denied many of deregulation’s benefits that the large-scale commercial enterprises have received.

Energhx Demand Side Monitoring service levels the playing field.  No doubt, you support deregulation, but only think it fair that you also earn the rewards.  At no additional cost to your business, Energhx will install a durable and highly accurate DSMonitor when you become a customer.  It utilizes advanced technologies to analyze independently your historical energy use and the energy-consumption profile of your business.

Energhx DSM utilizes our expertise in energy deregulation to ensure new green energy projects (wind, solar, etc.) actually deliver the energy and price that was the goal of deregulation.  The people at Energhx realized that the addition of green sources to the energy mix demanded a more sophisticated method for measuring commercial energy usage.  While other green energy suppliers are still relying on last century’s economy conservation-based methods, Energhx was developing its unique DSM solution. 

The Energhx DSM service is totally consumer-focused, guaranteeing you the energy savings you expected from deregulation, as we also protect your bottom line from sudden price changes in the energy market. 

How Energhx Demand Side Monitoring Maximizes Energy Efficiency of your Business

  • Independent monitoring of energy consumption.
  • Unique forecasting of energy demand pattern.
  • Behavioural control towards effective demand management.
  • Direct access to dedicated service and financial associates.
  • Consistent energy-saving and effective energy-performance recommendations


Click here to learn how a Demand Side Monitor will help you save on your energy bills.  Sign up as an Energhx customer today and receive this free service, authorizing Energhx to obtain historical data of your facility’s electricity and/or natural gas use.  Our experts will analyze that data, the energy characteristics of your business or facility and data from an independent, user-customized DSMonitor™ developed and installed in a dedicated cloud environment for your facility.  From our analysis, Energhx will provide you with periodic tips to help make your facility more energy efficient and reduce your business’ energy consumption.

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